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Seyahkram1977 WANTED $697

Jumpsy74 wrote:

That’s the problem seyahkram1977 I f’kin love it too I find it dangerously addictive to play and I know the potential is huge on nlc though as Xbob says a lot of its hidden in bonus buys it’s still so tempting I can’t help myself 😂 I’m still getting mullered by MT2 that game could put me in the nuthouse 🤯🤣 and I’ve started but not in any big way having an occasional punt on DoA2 but that’s with zero expectations just the knowledge it can (rarely) go off the scale but that’s more just a complete Hail Mary have some fun and expect to lose the wager

I tend to like those games other hate, lil devil and such , I just find the games entertaining, it drills my teeth when my bonuses aren’t earth shattering , but I do get bonuses, I do get big wins and I enjoy them , like reel king or x hoarders … but I do play for fun, wins are good, losing sucks obviously , but I enjoy my time with ( in my Humble opinion ) well made games… mental is just one of those games I can’t hate …..