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Seyahkram1977 WANTED $702

Seyahkram1977 wrote:

Don’t worry fuckers, I’m still here……



kind of expecting an applause xbob…

rude! …

Seriously tho, I do believe the ship will settle, good or bad ( depending how you feel about casinos and slots ) every year there’s a turn over of people who can play start playing casinos, and so it will always have a market, and within that there is always a content creator born

Pressed “publish “before I’d finished,

bandit is one video away and this forum would light up agian, rolla the same, so there is a hunger for it, and I kind of hope that bud is near, so that they can show all the new kids who slot what real slotting is, and not this horse shit €15000 stake spin, bandit and Co kept it real, yeah I get his silly moments were silly, but he did keep it real and that’s a bigger message the slotters need…. Bandit – the public service we didn’t know we needed