Worst and best slots to watch bandit play

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    Kingpab WANTED $149

    What are your least favourite slots to watch?

    Mine has to be wild desire or terminator, not even sure why just find them boring to watch so I usually fast forward these bits of the video.

    Oh and that cheese wine game is turd as well..


    Flip side tho, what’s the best to watch?

    I like extra chilli, reel King, montazooma any type of book of dead type game and skulls is growing on me.


    Used to love DHV book for the last few months it’s changed I think never dose much I find..


    Ps has anyone ever seen a decent win on rhino as ever time bandit plays its bonus guarantee. That’s shite as well.

    Big stake video was brilliant as always, I not moaning if u play any games as we can’t like everything so I just fast forward, just wondering what others think.

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    This just shows how everyone is different – my least favourite slots to watch are probably Montazooma and Reel King. Just find them really boring, Reel King can be exciting when it’s high stakes or when he gets close to the top (e.g. his last video!) but outside of that it’s just a bit dull. Not complaining, I’ll watch any of it, but in comparison to some other slots!

    I really enjoy watching Laser Fruit, DHV, Secret of the Stones and Golden Fish Tank. Most Red Tiger games too! Really enjoying Donuts at the moment also.

    I like seeing him play slots like Dead or Alive and Terminator 2 every now and again also, just for the potential of the wild line/hot mode! That’s exciting for me as a viewer.

    Xbobmad WANTED $729

    Donuts is great, it’s potential up to now for me though has been in the base game which won’t really work well on video unless Mr B brings us back for all the box openings. In a way that would be good for the viewer because it’s such a tilt!

    I agree with RK, it’s such a dull game outside the gamble ladder… the press for the top though is great to watch, and thats why I wouldn’t skip any RK action.

    Wild Swarm is an interesting one, good to watch. Fat Rabbit i quite liked the bonus.

    I’m not really enjoying watching Danger at the moment, it’s sad to see the game play the way it does now… it’s got to be because people aren’t playing it as much, the bonuses tend to be pretty poor and the base wins are few and far between.


    blueyes WANTED $80

    I really like watching blue print games(except Ted) No idea why. Also like the pragmatics.

    Don’t like seeing Doa do like the slot to play myself but it’s normally disappointing on video.Love watching Red tigers too but the problem is they tilt the hell out of Mr Bandit..

    Kensan WANTED $1

    I really like that skulls game he plays on paddy (maybe because it’s unavailable for me), BTG ones and Bruce Lee

    I don’t like Reel king personally.

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