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    brizman WANTED $46

    Awrite folks..keen to know how videoslots play for everyone or anyone that has account? I find i brutal to bonus any slot and seems to suck deposit after deposit. Rtp is in 60%s for majority of slots across hundreds and thousands of spins. Keen to know what maybe peoples rtp are overall? Had account for 2 years..but in last year, really noticed a difference in gameplay and returns..thoughts?

    The Bandit WANTED $5,354
    El Bandito

    My RTP is sat at 98.6% right now but i suspect a huge amount of that is owed to my mate Reel King.


    Could it be the games you are playing? Like what would be your general session on VS? Say if it was Bonanza followed by Knight’s Life and then maybe Napoleon and then a bit of Fat Rabbit – I could easily play through all those games with no bonus, they are fuckers sometimes!


    60% seems brutally low, would you be up for me using your account some time and trying to hit the top of the ladder laddy?!

    brizman WANTED $46

    My overall rtp is 92%..pretty bad. Most of that probably propped up by live roulette hits. Just one of those sites not doing it for me on the slots el bandito…I’ll try somewhere else. Maybe a prolonged barren happens!?..not just the rtp..I’m finding it so hard to even hit a feature. I like to mix slots..some are high variance, some not so much..anyway, just my review. ?…we plod on ad you say. ?

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    I did have a thread on this a while back, but most of the people that posted had a pretty high overall RTP. Mine is currently sat at 99.5%.

    Up until around a month or two ago it was around 94% pretty consistently, then I had the luckiest month of my life on slots (several 400x to 1000x+ wins, made around £11k in total from £1 to £5 spins), and it rose to about 104% RTP.

    Since then I’ve only gone down, and that’s why it’s sat at 99.5% now, which is still healthy.

    92% is pretty bad, but it’s all swings and roundabouts I guess – the law of averages!

    brizman WANTED $46

    Also..just to add..never had above a 200x win on this site! ??

    benq99 WANTED $229

    100.97% is my rtp for videoslots

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