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    roz117 WANTED $4

    hey guys i was just wondering if iam playing pimped correctly?  I only play it on 1 line @ 5p as  i have  a £5 a month budget as am poor lol. the reason i ask if using 1 line is the way to play it, is beacuse ive had not many bonuses but the ones i do get just seem to give me 75p(5 wins of 3 of a kind 10,J,Q)each time lol if iam super lucky i may get just over a pound but thats only happened once lol. so am just wondering if iam playing it wrong or not?? thanx for any input – roz

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    The idea of playing it with one line is that, as the bonus is winspins, you’re guaranteed a line of something which pays well as you’re only playing on that one line rather than spreading your bet across ten. The flaw of this is, the bonus will still pay the same on average whether you’re playing one line or not. Playing one line on any game is basically just a hyper volatile way of playing – less frequent wins but higher paying wins when you manage to land them. It’s just down to personal preference.

    I personally have had a terrible experience playing Pimped one line in the past. I think I have 40% RTP (maybe even lower) over 3,000+ spins. One line of premiums and I’m back in the game, but yeah, just found it incredibly boring and balance draining in my own experience!

    Best of luck 🙂

    Seedy WANTED $1,243

    I enjoy a good bit of pimped and have had a few full lines of jacks queens and once 4 of snoop himself. I would say if you don’t find the slot boring and enjoy it keep having a crack would prop raise to 10p 1 line min though 🙂

    StuartK91 WANTED $27

    I always play it on one line playing from 10p to £1 depending on balance. Iv had full lines of almost everything except wild and snoop. I don’t tend to stick around too long on it though.

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