Thumbs down for LV Bet for me

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    Anonymous WANTED $110

    UKGC is making casinos to ask for extra doc,I dont think even casinos like it,same think casumo ask me after I got cashout I close account,same think Calzone I send all doc they limit me to £100 pm,Rizka ask me also I just close account,looks like UKGC is pushing UK players to go play on unlicensed casino,I am sure soon they going to make £2 max bet

    thunderball6 WANTED $272

    UKGC . want u to spend all your money on scratch cards, and lottery .

    TheSchwad WANTED $20

    Well got my bigger withdrawals, 2 x £500, and no docs asked for both in under 24 hours. Balnace came from LV Spins, won £166 and got through the £5900 wagering with £1200.

    I like the site, frustrating alot of slots on lower RTP (and red tiger shockingly on 92%) but think the tournaments are cool, and love the idea of getting free spins at the end of the month, amount and value based on reward level.

    Also can’t wait for ‘Beat the Bandit’ tournament.

    I’m sure the docs resuest will come and be frustrating (got through Casumo SoW several times, can’t be worse than that) but so far I think it’s a good site, not sure how I hadn’t joined previously.

    The Bandit WANTED $5,134
    El Bandito

    Unfortunately, with all the ID shit, it is going like that everywhere now, at least for UK players. Some casinos have the “Source of Wealth” check required level set as low as £500 of deposits, it has all gone a bit nuts.

    In regards to games loading, i didn’t find any difference between LV and the other places i use. I’m not a fan of withdrawal fees ever as you know, one free withdrawal a week is ok for me as i only really will be there once a week but if you play daily then yeah i can see how that will fuck a lot of people off but lets be honest, that’s fucking everywhere now too.

    Don’t talk to me about that wheel either 😀 it’s not annoying at all honest haha

    Beat The Bandit will arrive soon i am told so that will be fun.

    Anonymous WANTED $110

    videoslot some games are realy bad on RTP but they never ask proof of income deposit as muches u like cashout as muches u like np all they ask standard proof,2 weeks ago deposit £500 cashout £21k 5mins later got pay on my paypal

    ic1101 WANTED $3

    Currently in the process of going through all this bollocks. Deposited  £70+£60+£70, no questions asked. Deposited £50 and then withdrew £150, no questions asked. Deposited 5x£50 and withdrew £160 but charged for withdrawl, Then the questions started. Provide all the above and questions like have you ever gambled with savings, borrowed money to gamble,have a problem with gambling, what is your monthly income, what is your job, and then get an email saying we are setting your monthly limits to £340 but deposits are blocked until satisfactory answers are provided . All things verified and still waiting. Cannot be bothered with all this bull on LVbet.

    Geordiemark42 WANTED $66

    Only joined lvbet for the bandit and was OK until my first withdrawal of a massive £20 then they suspended my account until I gave them the world. It was a fucking joke. And when you say I’m not sending all that stuff- driving license, photo of you holding it and a bit paper with days date on, utility bill, credit card photo, bank details and wage slip. I’m sorry its to much. They end up with your whole identity. Once bet victor and Leo Vegas do it, my online gambling days are over.

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