The beginning (A time of Joy)

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    My name is Matt i am a 28 year old Irishman born to a portuguese father(estranged), an Irish mother, bred in london and raised by my English stepfather and mother. I moved to Ireland when i was 9.

    You may ask why this has an relevance my answer is i have lived an unusual life and i believe it has rang through all of my experiences Love, Gambling, Education you name it. Its been weird.

    To the gambling story.

    Since i was 11 i have played cards with my stepdad i became really good at poker at a young age. When i was 16 i took my first venture into a bookies and ever since you could pretty much say i have been at various times in love or addicted to gambling. The first instance of insane luck came when i was 18 i had my 1st proper Job girlfriend and had my priorities in order. It was christmas time and i wanted to treat my new girlfriend to sparkly and material items as too imitate those hollywood style relationships you see growing up on the tele etc. I over spent on her and a few other items for the family and i was left with 4 euros until 3 days after new years day all my relations from the uk where home christmas and there was loads of plans for drinks and parties but off course being an idiot it was very unlikely i could partake. Christmas night i sat down on my laptop and looked at the full card of premier league fixtures for the gameweek i wrote down what i thought the result would be on each game and said i would bring that with me to the bookies in the morning and do that exact bet. I had 4 draws and the rest home wins. I did exactly that. €4 accum in hand i went home and stuck BBCs equivalent of Soccer saturday on with John hartson as a co host ‘Final Score’ maybe only available on the red button it was the ritual for me and pat(stepdad). All my results came in including a draw between West Ham and West Brom with West Ham 3-0 at half time. Pat being a hammers fan got a lot of stick but of course i was delighted i was on to the final 2 games Man United where playing some bottom half team and they pumped them as expected. and of course my last game Cardiff V. Sunderland i had this one to be a draw. I knew the bet would be worth alot if it game in but i couldn’t bare to put it through the calculator. I knew if it was a draw i would have an epic holiday season if not it was depression central. Halftime 0-0!! GOOD. 64′ Cardiff score. 81′ Cardiff score at this point the hope and the bubble was burst i went to bed sick to my stomach at how close i had came and i felt like a genius for figuring it all out. Just to confirm it was fucked i had one last look at livescore. 89′ sunderland score. I was like fucking typical one goal does me in OF COURSE. 10 minutes pass of me cursing into the pillow at my luck. I open my phone just to check it was all over. 2-2!!!!! I shat myself 97′ equalizer that dirty Adam Johnson gone saved me 9 mins of Injury time!!! I leapt out of bed and proceed to go absolutely bonkers. After i calmed down i got the calculator out pumped in the prices. €2900!!!! Well i went and shook the mother to bits shouting i fucking did it i did it haha. I got a lend of €50 off her until the morning and had an epic night with friends and family and then proceeded to have one of the best weeks of my life.

    I Have a lot more stories like this one i also must add that gambling has resulted in serious issues in my life but i will share the good stories first and depending on reception i will post the bad ones also.

    Hope you Enjoy

    Kingpab WANTED $149

    Really good story that. What a hell of a hit. That’s the good thing with these footy bets they can give u value and excitement for a weekend if you are still on come Sunday.

    It’s terrible tho when u bet on the 1230 sat game in a acc and it goes the wrong way ?.

    Keep the stories coming pal.

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