Thank you Buffalo Rising ( you have given me that push)

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    welshydex WANTED $4

    Hey guys

    Been on losing streak for a while now , nothing massive just keep losing on all the slots that used to be good ,had tremendous runs on Moon Princess / Rise of Olympus / Most Megaways slots and others

    But for the last couple months haven`t been having fun on any slots , no big wins as such ,  just no enjoyment to be had when its constant loss

    So today i though thats it , one final try and if nothing then Gamstop here we come

    So only small deposit , nothing big , down to last few quid when Buffalo Rising megaways gives bonus

    Took 15 spins , also had 1 retrigger to take it to 20, I only got to x5 ,,,,,,,, so had at least 15 dead spins ( or is that 16 )

    So that is the final straw , now signed to Gamstop,,

    Once again I thank Buffalo and Friends for the Push , no doubt I will see them at the reunion in 6 months , lol

    Now i just get to watch other people win or lose while stroking my bank balance back to a decent level

    Thanks for reading ,

    Oh and if you see the Buffalo , give him a good smack from me


    Jk90 WANTED $25

    Good for you mate, now enjoy your money for a few months ?

    Anonymous WANTED $9

    Weird aint it welshy, since the bookies changed their stakes to max £2 bet..the gambling community has been saying…’its all about online slots, fck the fobts.’

    But has everybody noticed how disgustingly bad the slots are playing since that change ?

    Barely see anybody hitting 1000x wins…Im not saying nobodys winning, but the amout of people getting their balance destroyed in no time is far higher than ive noticed in the past.

    Good luck with Gamstop hope it serves you well.

    Anonymous WANTED $7

    I seem to be on a losing streak lately. I guess it’s inevitable after a couple of decent wins a few weeks back. Doesn’t make them suck any less though. Here’s hoping it turns around.

    Good for you taking 6 months out.

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