RIB Number?

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    blacko1974 WANTED $248

    Anyone understand what this means?, helping a mate with a withdrawal and their asking for this, she’s sent the IBAN details over and they still they need the RIB, quick google search says it only exists in France, No fucking good to us here is it!

    Just in case any of you wonderful people have been asked for this before, even her CC company don’t know what she’s talking about.



    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Can’t help you there mate, RIB number not one i have heard of! Perhaps just another way of saying sort code lol

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    It’s just a French bank document that contains a statement of your bank details (e.g. account number, sort code etc.). What casino is it that you’re dealing with?

    Run187 WANTED $28

    Seems that it translates to bank details and that they want a statement .rib statements are as far as I can tell mandatory in France .tell them you can provide a iban if needed or a bank statement but you as far as I can gather in the uk can not print a rib like you can in France..

    blacko1974 WANTED $248

    She’s sent the lot, statement didn’t have iban so the cc company provided her with official letter with Iban still not enough, it’s all Rib with this lot, fuck all else to do but walk into their offices with a beret on her nut and a string off onions around her neck. Will get back as I forgot the casino name.



    Thanks Fellas


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