New slot tool , still in R&D

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    UkCuppa WANTED $2

    How useful would very simple interface with all providers and games available in the UK right now and hopefully update able really simply.


    What’s more is you can mixed either providers or slots or both. Not sure if too further break down as if you know things you do. Plus what may be useful is having streamers add their own personal favs and have that as a complete separate listing.


    Think of the wheel type thing most of you will of seen but even simpler and always up to date. Plus a chimp could make it work over n over.


    We are also going to add playing stats but have been told that could be bad as it encourages gambling. I say they give helpful advice to people who may not have considered playing that way. Especially in the UK as play is slow as fuck and I personally have had to alter my playing methods to adjust to the playing options.


    If anyone reads please leave feed back and message me for more details. Really want this up and running or told its stupid and actually stop lol


    Thanks all and good luck in ya games

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