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    I subscribed to gam ban several months ago.    I registered 2 imacs, a PC, ipad, iphone, wifes iphone, sons iphone at £10 a time.    I found the software simply didnt work!  I sold my iphone and ipad and got android devices as there were known problems with ios.   The software kept failing, allowing me to access gambling sites.   Even without the software failing, it was far to easy to delete the gamban software and allow access, which apparently according to gamban support is not possible.     You know what its like, if you have that urge to gamble,  you try really hard to get around any restictions that may be in place,  except gamban is not hard to get around.         I really tried,  even phoning Gamban support on many multiple of occasions, it was always “the software will be updated soon so it cant be deleted” utter bollocks.        I have since registered on gamstop, and havent gambled in 2 months.      Gambling was not so much a financial thing for me, it was more a time thing,  id spend hours and hours playing slots when I should have been doing better more productive things instead.        Ive had a few beers so none of this probably makes sense!

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    It is a shame it didn’t work correctly for you, quite a few people have said it is enough of a deterrent for them but yeah i do agree, if you like a gamble and the urge arises, it does need to be pretty robust as you will try pretty much anything to get around it won’t you!

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