Help Jasmin help a young boy whos lost his Mom

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    1sue1 WANTED $1

    To the Bandit

    Bandit im a big fan and been watching from the start

    Jasmine is some one i meet in the fruity slots chat/in the chat she was saying how could she make money to help this 9 year old boy that as lost his mom ,She said he would like to a you tuber and stream fifa problem being he lives with his grandma and they have no money hence why she is trying to raise money i mentioned to her about chipmonkz once streamed fifa and that if she commented after one of his videos he might help [great news he is] but im worried that they wont generate enough money i now chipmonkz is taking donations .Theres a lot more to this boys story if your interested please contact chipmonkz. Im gutted i can not do anything to help myself as im on the sick .

    I hope you did not mind me posting this in your forum but i did not now how to contact you .

    Big Fan Susan Jacques

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