Help – Fishin Frenzy bonus but didn’t add winnings to balance?

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    LC2017 WANTED $21

    Hi, hope you are all well.

    hoping this is the right place for help, so yesterday I was playing fishin frenzy on various stakes for about half hour, anyway cut a long story short I hit a bonus on £8 stake 3 scatters

    I then closed the window to quickly do a horse accumulator, then my battery died. So I went back to the game about just under an hour later to play the bonus, the bonus played through no issues and I won £492 (pretty mediocre bonus I know but regardless I took a screenshot on my phone like I usually do), anyway the bonus winnings didn’t get added to my account or balance, when I pressed Spin it just said user has insufficient funds.

    I then tried reloading the game, still not added. Then spoke to Bet365 chat who said email them the screenshot which I did (thankfully the screenshot shows the stake in bottom right, the winnings in bottom left of £492) and the screen.

    Ive now still not heard anything from bet365 in response to emails or a follow up message, and the money hasn’t been added to my account and over 24 hours have now passed, so slightly concerned.

    any advice anyone can give? Has this ever happened to anyone else before? Wouldn’t of thought it was a malfunction because the bonus played out and I know how much I won it’s like it just crashed somewhere to not add to my balance but thought it may have been auto corrected / reflected by now, but still nothing & shows the spin in my game history as £8 bet £0 return.
    any advice would be much appreciated, just glad I took the screenshot as imagine it would of been even harder, and it’s not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things. Probably would of been even more stressful if it had been a great bonus!

    thanks all

    Seyahkram1977 WANTED $676

    The whole process can take time, it’s something like verify the play on bet 360, then email the owner of game to verify the winning spin, then once that company gets back to bet360 the bs about paying out starts…

    happened to me once with 21 casino… but I had the winning spin on the account history listing…. So I doubt they could refuse your claim…. Hope it worked out,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)