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    Hello all, So as some of you may know, gala bingo halls are no more, they’ve been re-branded to buzz bingo. Apparently they’ve been bought out.

    Anyway reason for topic is, at my local one, they’ve made massive changes, in regards to actual customer service and the different selection of games available. Before they wouldn’t have many popular lo-techs in, but they’ve dragged in the usual party times/ bullion bars etc now, which are really popular.

    Now they give away free drinks, and free snacks off the trolley,as long as your sat at a machine, which goes round all the time. A lot of customers are complaining that the machines have “tightened” up since the takeover, but i dis-agree, i think it’s the fact that the machines are getting cycled that much faster now, as more and more people are playing the machines to get free stuff, easy and working marketing ploy.

    Only gripe is, that there not as quick getting machines fixed that need an engineer, that the usual bingo hall staff can’t fix.

    Anybody else noticed any changes in their gala/buzz bingo halls.

    over and out

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