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    real raging rhino WANTED $2

    Morning All does anyone understand how the deposit bonus works at BC game?

    On first deposit bonus it say it is deposit + 180% but how you claim it ?

    Sorry just do not understand it – We are all learning yesterday I kept getting the game not working in region message but worked out if I changed to another country all fine 🙂

    Micky999 WANTED $1

    You get the deposit bonus back as you play in dribs and drabs throughout time, so you don’t get it all in one go

    AppleSux WANTED $6

    Hopefully by now you work it out? You should see in bonus tab that you want BCD rakeback which you can claim once it reaches $5 or more.

    For those struggling to work out how to cash this out try the following.

    Click in the currency drop-down on the home page. Find BCD but don’t click it. Instead click the question mark. You the get info page. There is link to BC.SWAP . Click that. Now you can pick currency to swap (BCD) and change it to say USDT or whatever you are using.

    This is real funds now as you have already completed wagering in it . Enjoy.

    Slot WANTED $44

    BC bonus works like, in Videoslots, you wager first and then get paid…don’t think you get a huge amount on a bonus, only if you spend $1000s every day like Bandit you start getting a good amount on bonuses .

    I wager $66k got over $300 is like $0.5% on your wagering, which is very bad

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