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    Gecksy WANTED $17

    Hi everyone

    Sadly the other night I got too drunk and had a bad time playing slots. I spent every penny I had in the bank, around £1500 on a website called agent spins. I’d never heard of it before but it was an affiliate casino on one of the YouTube players sites. I can’t remember which one unfortunately so contacting them is going to prove difficult.

    I was depositing Up to £100 a time and the transactions went through as £100 but today I check my bank and every deposit has changed value.

    The £100 deposits are now £103.50 and it’s taken me to overdrawn, as I said above I emptied the bank that night.

    I don’t know what to do, it was such a big mistake to even play (the £1500 was the final bit of my furlough money and I have no job) but Even so, I don’t recall seeing anything about deposit charges.
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    do I explain to my bank what’s happened and hope they don’t charge me or something?

    BSK1 WANTED $48

    Best get up early and get a job!!! How many of these posts are people going to put on….

    Xbobmad WANTED $729

    Not even licensed ? what YouTuber is pushing that shit?

    Jimbo19911 WANTED $10

    They all need banning can’t get over how many of these streamers are pushing shite casinos look at chipmonk pushing sites like “jungle spinz” and “awesome spins” sound dodgy as fuck

    StevieG WANTED $17

    Imagine depositing all the money you have to some dodgy unlicensed and unregulated casino that nobody has ever heard of.

    Chances are slim you’d have even been paid out if you had won.

    Holy shit dude. Get help.

    Might be worth telling the bank that you were defrauded because you basically were. Nothing to lose anything by trying.

    Jimbo19911 WANTED $10

    I’d never sign up to any of those sites no matter how many stellas I’ve had

    Gecksy WANTED $17

    Erm, thanks guys

    Gecksy WANTED $17

    Jesus I have just worked out, going through browsing history, where I got the link from

    It was here

    Stupidly, I have been fooled by a dodgy copy of this website and then an unregulated casino.


    Tricky0212 WANTED $82

    Why didn’t you play on one of your normal sites ? Presumably because you’re on Gamstop ?

    Even if you were drunk, I find it hard to believe you were able enough to find and sign up to a brand new casino and deposit  but weren’t able to notice “” was very different to this, a website that you’re used to and come on fairly often.

    I think the £3.50 charges are the least of your problems, max bank charges will get capped at like £80 anyway. Find yourself some work, get on Gamstop (although I suspect you already are) and don’t sign up to any more dodgy sites.


    Anonymous WANTED $110

    every transfer money to euro will charger you fee and exchange fee £3.5 is for trnasfer I am sure you will get more charger soon by bank for euro tranfer,we all have account on UK casino way you need to go play on some russian casino,they never pay you wining and give you bonus like 500X  and like 50x wagering,this is problem when you join gamstop and not read to give up gambling

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)