£200 Max Stake on Bonanza @ Grosvenor

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    pritmist WANTED $18

    Wowsers, can’t believe that you can do £200 stake on Bonanza at Grosvenor. Just one line of diamonds right across would pay £10,000!

    Surprised to see this on a BTG slot to be honest, especially knowing the potential of the highest variance games.

    pritmist WANTED $18

    Sorry here is the pic of it!

    Zoep89 WANTED $32

    I would hate to be that person who sets out for a £200 bonus get it, then it pay the usual 20 to 50x.

    blacko1974 WANTED $247

    Jeez this fucker can go 3000 spins without a bonus, imagine playing at that stake LOL. Don’t show the bandit he’s crazy enough to try it.

    Eightblack WANTED $377

    Considering a lot of these casinos have a max cash out playing for 200 a spin would be a ball ache if you had a nice hit.. Imagine hitting one of the mega bonuses on it for like 2500x or something I imagine withdrawing half a mil wouldn’t be easy haha

    ligarr WANTED $80

    Biggest win ive seen was £20 stake paying close to 100k..or maybe it was just over,its on youtube,some ppl have big pockets:)

    Trowblerone WANTED $33

    I had a 5402x base win on a quid on bonanzaand  i couldn’t even cash all of that out in one hit. imagine the headache of that on a £200 stake

    TheShine WANTED $5

    Well I was playing for the first time bonanza @ grows on Thursday night and was playing about with bet and decided to ramp it up thinking the max was £20 and spun once at £100 wow a feature @200 would be a pension

    dwprodigy WANTED $8

    Doing 1 spin on £100? Corr imagine the bonus had dropped in. My arsehole woulda dropped with it.

    Diamedi WANTED $11

    If I ever get a massive balance I would maybe try just 1 spin. If it’s a dead one I would just instantly close the game and forget about it.

    I’ve had a first spin bonus on it about 3 times in over 2 years but the change is so small.

    But if it hits….

    TheShine WANTED $5

    I am going to download the stats from the casino and find out how much I spun on Saturday night @£10 and £20 stakes.  The crazy thing was I don’t normally bet crazy but I started @ £50 and managed in the end to end up with £4563 on a single spin @ £10.  The game drives me mental I have bonused at everything £5 and under but I am determined to hit at £10.

    B_RadWS WANTED $1

    Thats silly money. Last night in one sitting i did 1850+ spins with no bonus. Cant imagine risking $200 a spin for that long

    springbrucesteen WANTED $75

    That’s the dream eh , that one stupid £100 spin and the bonus rolls in and goes mental , how long would you just stare at those sticks of dynamite with the 12 spins

    The Bandit WANTED $4,073
    El Bandito

    £200 on this game is crazy, my usual of circa 1000 spins for an 18x wouldn’t go down well would it lol

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)