Reply To: Reel King – Love it or Hate it?

ImperialDragon WANTED $68

Although I have signed up to Video Slots recently, I am historically an off-line gambler, so think arcades and shops.

So for me, Reel King as a section B3 machine is one of my all-time favourite slots.  I made the switch from pub fruit machines (AWPs) to B3s starting in 2010, and it was always Reel King that I would play.  The “dings” fascinated me because it bared no relation to the reels.  So no bonus symbol.  It’s like as if the dings and the reels ran on separate threads and each had their own RTPs to make up the overall payout percentage.  I never gambled the wins unless it was a partial-credit win.  I just like the feature and I get tilted by the sounds.