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Seedy wrote:

JGSlots wrote:

Surely this had to be the best online casino? They had some unique games like Life of Luxury, John Wayne etc.


They had lower % payouts, but offered regular 100% bonuses with x 10 wagering.


Anyone else remember this great casino? I donโ€™t think another casino will come. Lose to this one ?



I miss jackpot party so much shame that wms got bought out and since there games have gone a bit well.. Gash! my fav gand on there was Griffins gate.


I forgot about Griffins Gate! Was that a clone of the Venice one? WMS made some great games, I’m kinda glad they binned off Life of Luxury otherwise I’d be skint now!


No no idea why the site hasn’t been copied, it was a great, fun concept, sure you had your bad days there, but overall you got a great game for your money.


Rob ๐Ÿ™‚