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Ziaxx wrote:

Im aware of big win tab exists however personally I screenshot anything over 100x (yet to have anything I deem bigwin worthy) So my thought/suggestion is to have a showcase/gallery section where you can start a thread and title “Ziaxx Win Gallery” basically just editing main 1st post and adding a screen shot each time so you can view all your prev nice wins easily as well as subscribe to friends and foes threads to keep up with what they are all getting.

No forum work would be needed Just a section.
If this is wrong section or this idea already exists please delete.

All feedback is Welcome.

I have thought about this for each users profile page so you see all of their big wins in one place.
This would be another tab in your profile perhaps. Also on a big win you would be able to click a link, something like “See other big wins by this player”

Big wins is a massively popular section and we have plans to put much more work into it to help filter the wins better.

As you can imagine the forum has consumed much of my development time in the past few months but you should see the site moving forward in more areas soon including big wins.

Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming 🙂