Reply To: Yanny or Laurel though…. really?

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The Bandit wrote:

I don’t know if the mrs is having a laugh with me but the clip she keeps playing, i can’t fathom how it doesn’t say “Laurel”, she tells me i need a hearing aid lol

I guess i need to put a link of it up but hmmmm, that would involve some work, i am sure you have heard it by now! What did you hear?

Haha. I think it largely depends what output you use when you’re listening to it. If I’m playing it on my phone, I hear ‘Laurel’, if I plug in some earphones then I hear ‘Yanni’. It’s all to do with the frequency of the device that you’re playing it out of. Devices set to a higher frequency will play ‘Yanni’ and those with a lower frequency will play ‘Laurel’. Older people are more likely to hear ‘Laurel’ as they tend to lose the ability to pick up higher frequencies due to audiological degeneration. You’re not going crazy folks.