Reply To: Harsh reality or too far or not far enough ?

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The casinos feed off this idea of “we are entertainment for people with disposable income who are looking for something fun”


The reality is id say, and i don’t think this is far off 80% of people who gamble are on the bread line and are only gambling as a form of hope to get through the month, notice how bookies and high street casinos swamp low development areas, the people here often have no money so why put them there? the reason is of course there is a higher percentage on vulnerable people who live in LDAs. whether its financial trouble or even drug related problems.

Alot of the time this is why people like bandit and stop and step and lets give it a spin and basically any streamer/youtuber get loads of shit when they do super high stakes, because the vast majority of the people watching are broke, probably waiting for the next month to come around so they can have their “in comparison” tiny deposit which these streamers/youtubers are blowing in minutes on bonus buys that they cant do. then they see these affiliate links and think “OH not only is he gambling with what would be dream amounts of money, but hes getting most of it back, hes barely even gambling hes gonna get money back from his videos and affiliate links” meanwhile the guy who is signing up for these links are gonna do there little bit of money they have and then have to wait, skint living off whatever he can manage to afford and spend another month explaining to his landlord, council etc etc why he cant pay his way this month.

Addiction is a cruel and ruthless thing and i think people who see hate comments on streamers/youtubers videos that just say “Just ignore them they are jealous” “oh what a knobhead they are complaining” are if anythign else simply making the situation worse, really their should be more transparancy with gambling related content, take the crypto casinos for example its the big thing these days crypto but with crypto comes volotility and fees and conversion of funds etc etc, you think somebody on a breadline in these low development area is likely to know anything about how crypto works. all they see is the youtubers/streamers giving it the “you can do bonus buys here” “lets do all or nothing spins, crypto will let you do that!”

Very dangerous.

Casinos are no ones friend, and streamers,youtubers are no different, they are getting their pennies from the casinos and in return they expect you to get shafted.