Reply To: FOBT glitches in your favour

ImperialDragon WANTED $68

It was in the early days of Bellfruit Deal or No Deal.  The £35 jackpot had just come out, a time before these machines were everywhere.  Probably 2007.  I put a £2 coin in one in Wetherspoon and it jumped straight into a mega streak.  No feature board, no presses.  The reels kept spinning until it reached £35, then it was back to the base game.  A few 30p presses later, it landed the scatters for a feature board.  The telephones were red, so I knew that it meant an invincible board – where the punter plays for jackpot or the mega streak.  The next streak went for either £35 or £70.  Credits ran out and I put a few more £1 or £2 coins and the process kept happening, streaks always going for either £35 or £70.  Eventually though, I figured that this ‘glitch’ has recovered from itself and it started playing normally.  In total, I cashed out £210 (not all in 1 go), and it has never happened to me again since!