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Elvisp1977 WANTED $7

Good morning Steve

I have been getting around to say well done on great football wins a 80to1 winner and many great wins on the slots including the 85k. Win today on the moon well done to Phil picking these games I remember a few games in the past he gave you you had great wins well done to you both

did you get back to vegas and stay in balagios did you collect your winning from last time you went ok

did you read of the 72 year old lady who won 2.8 million dollars only to be told it was a mistake she should not have won she is now suing the casino they said to her they don’t own the machine somebody else does they they told her to leave the casino I never knew a third party was involved at casinos I was going to ask your thoughts then remembered you saying you never read the messages

well done on winnings