Reply To: Crypto Casino’s and Fee’s

SteveWonga WANTED $1

OK, so the casino I use is Metawin a few things to note;

● Instant Deposits

● Instant Withdrawals (upto like $90k)

● No fee’s for depositing on BASE chain network

● Guarenteed highest RTP version on every game

● Games are displayed in $

● Use a VPN for protection certainly if playing from UK

OK so you will first purchase your crypto from your exchange (I use Coinbase, and use the advanced trade section to mitigate exchange fee’s). I use ETH but you could use USDC or USDT.


Next send your chosen (I use Metamask) crypto to your wallet address *** On the BASE chain network ***

Then go to Metawin and at the top right there is a little blue cross with your chosen currency, click that and swap your ETH or USDC/T and your deposit will be instantly in your Metawin account ready to gamble.

Hopefully this helps a lot of people,  in particular @thebandit @bandit due to the volume of your deposits and gambling.

The rewards are also amazing at Metawin, the billionaire owner (@skel.eth can be found on twitter) he is doing amazing for his community, he just launched a MEME coin that’s making his users insane money and the coin is sponsored on the Premier league match today (Newcastle V Burnley)

Anyone who plays collects a soon to launch crypto token called $MWIN and who knows what the value of that will be.

If its OK to put my referral link below that would be awesome, if not please let me know and I can remove it.

Ohh here’s some of my wins on the site

Cheers guys