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Joshua_Print WANTED $6

Hey Sezvinyard,

If you’ve had any conversation with the casino and even remotely hinted at ‘needing the money’ and displaying what could possibility be a sign of a Responsible Gaming issue, they will, and have to suspend your account in line with their UKGC responsible gaming responsibilities.

This will however not affect your withdrawal, and if your account is active or not, it will still be processed so long as you have not breached any terms and conditions.

They must ask the questions about your Dad/Carer in line with their AML obligations. This is a sign of a Third Party potentially using the account, or a classic Money Laundering tactic. Another note on having a carer is that you may be perceived as a potentially vulnerable customer, which is another thing the Responsible Gaming team will have to address.

Your account will now be under review from the AML team, and the Responsible Gaming Team. I’m afraid the review will take as long as it takes and there’s nothing you can do to speed it up, aside from provide what documentation you can as quickly as possible should they ask for anything further.