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Seyahkram1977 wrote:

Extrafun wrote:

Is it just me ar is the card feature when you pick red black (H,S,C,D) super dull?

i get that its still gambling so it doesnt really make a difference and its predetermined anyway but slots at this point really do need to think of ways of making it more interesting. so what is everyones go to gamble slots.

Hercules High & Mighty (The gamble with the Pillers makes this game, the online version is unplayable for me because without the gamble for spins the low likelyhood of getting a standered 10x bonus isnt worth the time)

Cops & Robbers (Original) (The whole x2 x4 x5 x10 it old and not very original but you do get into a pattern of what you feel comftable going for i personally like going x2 x4 x4)

Spartacus Gladiator Of Rome (Lets be real its just the hercules gamble but with a shield and a spinnning dial but again with this one it feels like you can get a good tempo going with wins)

Ultimatly its pre-determined but i think if you are on a tight limit of how much you want to put in slots like this are your best shot of getting a quick “win and run” session.

Technically most are meant to be 50/50 … regardless  of the system ( obviously the pie gambles % decrees if you increase the red side for a bigger green section payout( if that makes sense )

personally I feel the reel king type gamble is  stronger , I genuinely believe it’s a 50/50 on each step..( tho I believe most gambles are )

Oddly enough I find the pillar gamble on Hercules tilting AF. Give me the pie gamble anyday. As for the online version – I have literally played that thing to death and never come close to the full screen wilds. Probably somewhere in the region of 20k+ spins with partial Spartacus gives wild and  lower symbols removed. And no full screen. The online version has had the big bet replaced with premium spins which have a massive tell as to whether it will hit or not. As you’d expect – fun and tilting in equal measure.