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.o EL DEV o. WANTED $5


These bonus buy feature games should apparently give you a higher chance at hitting the bonus, but sometimes it takes the ****
If some of these games charge up to 200% for these features why not see if they actually give you more (and better) bonuses/ results?
How about giving certain games 100/200 spins with the feature on and compare them to 100/200 spins of that amount but without the feature.
It’s just like spinning on a higher amount and hunting for a bonus (with the non bonus buy feature

Would love to see how that plays out. Base game wins will at least (and hopefully) make up for the extra costs of the spins.

And something else: I’ve sent you a couple of e-mails over the past couple of weeks about the shorts, but haven’t heard from you yet. Any chance you could look into those? I’ve used the contact form. I’ve got a couple of things set up for you