Reply To: Nerfing of games

Spin_em_in WANTED $11

They do change the scripts from time to time. But everything else is just speculation.

For me on pragmatics i seem to get biggest base game hits week 3 each month but i doubt the devs are that amateur to adjust the potential based on calendar week. And its just how luck has been for me personally instead.

1 thing to note though is when you play a game you are playing on a set seed. If you are playing at a site like rollbit you can change the seed by putting money into a sub balance, all replays etc will be reset and the game will think you’ve never played it before. Seed is assigned to a set balance. Probably the same with etc depending on what currency or crypto you are playing in. UK sites reset them occasionally and all your replays vanish, probably when they change to a different RTP version?

You might find changing the seed suddenly makes it better again or not, but you can try it at least. It’s worked for me in the past but again who knows without any actual proof…