Reply To: Yo Bandit, reference your comments on the 110% post

russcawley WANTED $10

In answer to your direct question I don’t know who foss is but I did used to enjoy watching roshtein even though I knew he was a shill.

im not a fanboy of steve I have worked over the years in data analysis (manipulation) and for gaming companies. I know more about the super user account in poker than you would think seeing as I was a sponsored pro at the time that scandal broke. I played for many years online when it was easy to make a good living and had even close friends saying I must have rigged accounts because I won multiple World Series seats every year and won sats to pretty much every big tourney all over the world – people really did believe it had to be fixed because I keep winning.

why would any site chose me or steve or anyone else to have god mode ? What is the benefit to them ? I actually prefer watching the videos where steve does his bollocks as you can hear the tone in his voice – it hurts. That’s what makes a real streamer and not a fake one, when he loses you can hear his pain and as a lifelong gambler myself the highs aren’t so high unless you have the lows. The second best thing to hitting a massive win as a gambler is being stuck huge and getting out , that’s almost as good as the mega win to start.

question for you – if an rtp on wild unicorns is 187% and you class that as being within standard deviation how can an rtp of 107% on a tiny sample size not fall within standard deviation or expected value?
If you look at a sample size of 1million bonus buys I would expect the rtp to be +-5% the stated rtp but using the laws of large number sets on a sample size <50k the deviation would lead to an expected deviation of +-20/25%

I still have my old stats from 40 tabling poker online where some months I ran 100k behind expected value and some month I ran 100k above expected value – sometimes you run well and sometimes you don’t. To get a true picture of if steve is running well you need to look at all bets made especially on compensated games – maybe he’s running well on bonus buys but running twice as bad on naturally landed features ?

to infer he has switched to dark side and been given a golden account is laughable and could just lead to him disappearing again because he doesn’t need the shit.