Reply To: Yo Bandit, reference your comments on the 110% post

satman WANTED $2


please don’t wade in with your half arsed comments where you have clearly not read the whole thread and therefore are totally missing the point.
I have not asked and would not ask for any financials from anyone,

i have not asked anything, and I understand exactly how slots and RTP work, and yes 1500 is a small data set but RTP is the only measurement we have and the on screen games we watch are the only data we can use:


I haven’t cherry picked data,‘it’s every single purchased bonus for over 2 months.

Steve chose to respond to my initial comment on YT which I’m guessing you haven’t seen and therefore you are missing the whole point of the thread…

and the other thing I think you have missed is that the thread is the tone, you are coming across as somewhat rude and aggressive..

so maybe get your tongue out of bandits arse and chill a little… he can fight his own battles and has discussed this amicably.


as for casinos and the golden button…

you are trying to simplify a premise that is easily achievable for casinos to use if they wanted too…


not by flicking a switch, but for example and to be honest I’m loathed to spend too much time on this as you are obviously massively opinionated and this will fall on deaf ears, but hey…


all games have to be tested by testing houses etc, we all know that; we also know that providers get different versions of the same games tested. For instance, you will know that VS has a lower RTP version of play and go slots I believe.

so what would be stopping sites having higher version RTP slots too with 105% versions and “ super accounts “ for which the user may not even know about, get directed to the higher RTP versions.

of you don’t think sites can have super users… think back to the ultimate poker scandal, where certain users could see hole cards.


I’m not saying this is the case, I’m not saying Bandit is a fraud, I am literally following up from a comment made and backing up that comment with facts…

so play nice,

Bandit has been


ps a genuine question for you then….
what makes streamers like Foss for  instance  a fake streamer and bandit a genuine one?