Reply To: Yo Bandit, reference your comments on the 110% post

russcawley WANTED $10

Rtp is based over millions (meant to be infinite) of spins and you are looking at a sample size of low four digits. Not just a small sample size – a ridiculously low sample size.

data sets can be used/ manipulated to prove disprove whatever you want if you aren’t using complete data and choosing which bits of data you want to look at.

you even stated in one of your own comments that the results on wild unicorn fell well within standard deviation for that sample size.

you are clearly trying to infer steve has gone to the dark side and is now getting the golden button treatment from the casino for doing so and are using selected data to prove this …why?

If you want a true figure of how he is doing it’s simple as pretty much all business is – how much have you put in and how much have you took out? Net p+l

should he have to give that to you? If it was me I would tell you it’s none of your business and to do one.

If you think it’s rigged don’t watch the videos and go watch somewhere else because trust me the casino doesn’t have a golden button. They have plenty buttons where they can give you free money to play with and you can shill for them like many other streamers.

the only reason steve has had to go to the dark side is because of people like you who don’t understand gambling and have made it impossible to play on uk casinos with no auto plays, bonus buys etc.