Reply To: Yo Bandit, reference your comments on the 110% post

satman WANTED $2

Appreciate the reply Bandito,


it’s not that small a sample it’s over 1500 bonus buys now, I literally just posted a screen shot of the front page to purely show you it existed.

my point about it only covering your onscreen buys was to show that it hasnt included some of your big wins you have mentioned ( 2 x mental Max wins for instance ) as it doesn’t show any of your off screen losses either so that would make the data bias.

so the only thing it can show is what you do online, and that was my initial concern and hence my post as over recent months; despite you whinging like a little bitch all the time ( which we enjoy, it’s what we come to listen too) you are on such a hot streak ( on screen ) that it gives a false impression.

you may not feel it over the past few videos ( I am 2 vids behind, but the anorak is up to date and says you are still at 107% )

I’ve just realised that sounds awful calling him that !! The “ statistician” from herein !! I am like you I couldn’t be arsed, he used to track all my data and wins and losses but got painful when they took off auto plays and FB from VS.
that’s what he does and he is very good at it, he also used to in the business as a programmer a long time back, so knows there are lots of things going on behind the scene that are not quite as they would have us believe.

from subtle things like have you noticed every slot has at least 2 symbols that look the same… thats because they can use those symbols to trick the brain for a split second into thinking you have a win, which sends a shot of dopamine ( which is the hit we are chasing when we play) and it does all that for free. And then we chase more because we thought we had won!
its gets you all the time actually: same with the walking past waving wanker near miss…

how shitty is that !!

I think it’s a little churlish tho to just say “ I don’t believe some random, although I get where you are coming from, afford me some credit, do you think I would go to this effort and then it transpire … oh actually we sat there and made it up !!
you can tell from my references to so many of your sessions and comments that I am an avid watcher and have been for years ( many years actually ) and I am big believer that the industry is corrupt to its core, and that people like yourself are one of the true shining lights of “ reality”


but when your stats suddenly become massively inflated over the expected, which coincides to the flip to the dark side it raises eyebrows, and you have to see that surely …on the flip side I also feel that you are very generous in allowing me to post this thread and respond to it as you have, and I that in itself speaks volumes for you as a person.

Hope the mouth is healing Mr Lispy