Reply To: Yo Bandit, reference your comments on the 110% post

satman WANTED $2


So… in answer to your question, Sadly no I cant post it on here, it doesn’t let me post a file,  But I have just posted a screen grab of the last entries Just to prove it actually exists !!


for reference it started on your ” Release the Kraken video from just over 2 months ago, and has included every Video since, However for transparency (and I did say this previously ) its only been on your Feature Buy Bonuses as these were what we were looking into, and as soon as you include your base game hits and losses its skews the data. (its also a couple of videos behind, (I will sack the anorak !!)

so it does EXclude your Hacksaw 5x more likely spins that you have been doing recently….. however the trend that we noticed was before you started doing them anyways as the spreadsheet shows,

if you look at the top line on the screen grab you will see the running totals and the RTP.


The running totals over the course of the spreadsheet are interesting as when you started they were not great and in fact thinking back, you initial dabble into the Crypto casino, you were quite despondent and went back to Mr Vegas for a few videos….

But then as you went up the levels and became a Higher VIP and presumably had contact with the affiliate bods at the casino, your luck began to improve, at round about the time you offered the referral code which incidentally we did use in appreciation of your content.

Your run from that point onward has been….. lets say ” extraordinarily  lucky” to have maintained an RTP on Feature Buys over 100%


what has made life a little awkward is that you have moved onto a different site, and if the theory that there are some sort of compensation algorithms  in play, changing to a new site skews that, however as a for instance….

You are currently running at a MAHOOOSIVE 179.41% RTP on Wild Unicorns

you have wagered 23,700 in Feature Buys

you have Returns of 42,521.20

with a Profit of 18,821.20


Now in essence thats over a fairly small sample on one game (58 Bonuses to be precise)


So well within the realms of standard deviation, however you also said you sessioned this a few times at the bar, for which we haven’t seen the returns  so on the figures we have to go on you are well and truly due to be fisted on that slot for sure. so it would be interesting for you to play a few features on that and see if the data and the theory hold up (not that it would prove anything on such small numbers but would be interesting)


So bear in mind when you go to your rep and ask the question, that this is for Bonus buys only and obviously only includes what we see…

and then maybe you can see where I was actually coming from with my original post.