Reply To: Do you know who i am mate?!

Spark WANTED $1

Hello Mate,

Hopefully this post finds you well, I’ve been a subscriber for over 4 years and have always enjoyed your content.

I picked up in your video today that you were looking for someone to make videos, shorts and such to market your page. I would be seriously eager to take this position. It is something I already work with and I am confident I can help grow your channel. I believe your natural wit and shenanigans can appeal to a much broader audience. I know I have laughed my ass off.

I have a very good reference page I have actively worked on and built. I also believe a super inflated wage isn’t necessary. I can always use a few extra bucks and this will fit right into my workflow.

I hope this message is to reach you – I couldn’t find an email listed anywhere.

Kind regards,