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TJTom wrote:

I’d be interested to hear other people’s experiences of playing on BC Game.

Here’s mine – I started playing there around 3 months ago. Normally play there once or twice a week, depositing 20-50 quid each time and playing on 0.20 stakes. Normally, if I got to 100 or something, I’d consider stopping there and either withdrawing or leaving it for my next session. In all the times I’ve played there, I have never got close to 100 let alone a withdrawal. I play on a wide variety of games and none of them play well at all. The most noticeable thing is the consistently poor value bonuses. I’d say 80% of all the bonuses I’ve had have gone for 10x or under across all games, some have been 50-100x, but I can’t remember anything above that. That culminated tonight as I had a 4x bonus on the second highest feature on King Kong Cash, a 31x bonus on Rise of Olympus 100, and a 2.7x bonus on Mayan Stackways. That experience is standard for me on the site, and something that I don’t believe can be put down to bad luck over such a period of time. So I’ve closed my account with them and won’t be returning. I have strong suspicions that there is something very dodgy going on with their games.

How has everyone else been getting on?

I’ve found it as good as any casino and had some big wins on small stakes, and in fact the RTPs (if you look at that sort of thing) are as good as anywhere I’ve seen.  As a low stake player I switch currencies in the settings to allow me to buy enhanced and super bonuses really cheap. For example on Hacksaw games swapping to Nigerian money lets you buy enhanced bonuses for about £5 and No Limit City using IDR lets you buy supers for under £10. Only playing on penny stakes of course, but the way these games can pay I find it much better than playing regular slots on 20p and getting crappy bonuses. Might be worth a try 🤷‍♂️