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pritch999 WANTED $1

I’ve been on BC Game for a year (VPN from England to Ireland) and never had an issue. Withdrew £8500 yesterday no issue.

However I do always worry the day will come when the KYC bat randomly hits. I also wonder if they have a certain threshold to trigger it i.e £10,000+ single deposit?

Whenever i’ve won over £10k, i’ve always made sure I do a few smaller withdrawals to hope it doesn’t trigger a “large withdrawal” check.

My advice would be, don’t do huge deposits because if you deposit £10k, win £2k and can’t get your original £10k off, you are massively out of pocket. If you put on £300 and ran it up to £3k and it got blocked, as much as it sucks, you’ve only lost £300 out your Bank.

***Also make sure you always connect to same VPN location. If you connect to different countries, or up and down a country at different locations, it probably doesn’t look great***