Reply To: What the hell has happened to Sugar Rush?

razvanro WANTED $13

Here is my experience. Not saying this is the norm or anything, again, my experience. On SOME PROVIDERES, especially Pragmatic but not limited to, I have experienced the following scenario multiple times over the years:

1. A game is launched. It gets at least decent hype and a lot of streamers and casuals are playing it.

2. You go to the game and session it and you have a good chance of hitting some really nice bonuses. You feel the game is fair and while you can still go on a bad run, you can also go on a really good one.

3. I’ve had sessions on new-ish games on Pragmatic (and others) where I’ve had like 7-8-9 bonuses in a row that made a profit. Statistically this should be insanely hard to get but I’ve had it multiple times.

4. A few days later it’s all over. You hardly ever win on the game, not to mention having several bonuses in a row that are profitable. Forget about it.

5. Then a new game comes out, gets a bit of hype, rinse and repeat.

Now I know the arguments against this. “You got lucky”, “more people play it when it launches and in the first few weeks and then not as much”, “it’s random so unless you play with 15 bazillion days you can’t say”.

Well sure, but I can make observations. And after years of playing, I think I can draw some personal conclusions that are as follows:

– Some games especially when are launched and maybe a few days to a few weeks after launch will have the RTP spiked. Not non stop but in some periods of the day at the very least.

This accomplishes the following: gets more big wins for streamers to show their viewers but also gets wins to casual players. They get hooked on the game and come back the next day betting even more money, losing it all back and then some.

I’ve had this exact scenario happen to me several times, but got wiser and now if I get an insanely mathematically questionable run on a slot I’ll keep buying bonuses until I have 2 in a row that fail, then I leave it. If I come back the next day I try a maximum of 2 and if they’re crap I am done with trying to session it.

And when I mean this exact scenario, to be specific, I’ve had 9-10 winning bonuses in a row on Dog House Megaways (left side) when it launched. How often do you win on that game now? Imagine the odds of getting 9 winning bonuses in a row. I was printing money. It was ridiculous. But then it got hotfixed.

I made a killing 2 nights in a row on Golden Fish Tank 2 when it came out. Printing money, then never again.

Back to Pragmatic, Wild West Gold, again, full session of profitable bonus after profitable bonus.

Isoftbet – had this happen with a less known game called Legend of Loki. Absolutely killed on it for 5 days straight, but I was more of a newbie then so ended up losing it all the following 5 days after it got nerfed to the ground.

And I could go on.

Conclusion: They either intentionally spike the games/have higher RTP the first few days or at certain hours at random to hook players in and then assure a steady stream of income from people buying tons of bonuses based on that initial success.

They DON’T do this on every game. Now it could be just that a new game isn’t well calibrated and until you have thousands of plays on it you may still need to adjust it with a hotfix but I am certain this happens to a degree. There’s no way you can get 8-9 winning bonuses in a row, it shouldn’t ever happen, it’s almost like picking one number on roulette and have it win 8 times in a row. No way.

Again, just my experience, don’t shoot the messenger.