Reply To: What the hell has happened to Sugar Rush?

Itaghai WANTED $1

CryptoG82 wrote:

Remember this game used to be fair? I got seriously tilted on it and ended up buying 42 bonuses (only 40p stake). 90% of them paid no more than 5X, biggest win was 200X and lost £800 all in. Crazy stats and mental from me to keep going. No retriggers at all in any of the bonuses!

Nothing happened, it was always been like that, you just had luck before.

Since release, most of my bonuses were always under 10x, and I had plenty of them.

Getting a bonus through spinning is also hard AF, I remember once when I did over 1300 spins and didn’t even had a bonus.

And it’s like this for most of the people, however it seems like some accounts have more luck then others (when you play a game for the first time you get assigned a player id)