Reply To: Optional international casino for UK players

Gydan84 WANTED $5

Golden bet was a really decent casino in my experience to be fair but I had to self exclude unfortunately.

I guess it made me realise why people like me shouldn’t get drawn into unregulated casinos after watching everyone on YouTube.

I signed up to Gamstop for 5years a few years ago so this was my only option to have a punt without the daft uk restrictions and got drawn in, great buying bonuses and doing auto spins again but it was too easy and enjoyed it that bit too much.

Obviously I tilted that one session and that was it ££££’s lost I couldn’t afford that I’d worked so hard to save over the years which was hard to take but that’s the way it goes for people like me i guess, I think most gamblers know how it goes it just takes that one bad session to really be a crippling one no matter how you think you have control.

If cash flow isn’t a problem and you have unlimited amounts (millionaire or work for the casinos) then it’s great to bet on these casinos but for the average gambler it takes that one time to lose your head and your fucked for years in some cases if you have access to good chunks of money and lose it.

After I signed up to Gamstop a few years ago I did have measures in place up until now, I simply had a deposit limit of £100 per week on Mr Q which went well on the Wife’s account all was good, good cash outs here and there with the no stress of getting tilted overdoing it generally playing for fun and all in control.
I lost a lot of money recently on Goldenbet it is going to take some hard work to get out of but I’m relieved it’s over and I can move on.
To be fair when I emailed Goldenbet to tell them I’d lost control and close my account for good they did swiftly, so respect them for that.

Stay safe guys, got to try keep yourself in check and not let it be the hard way. Hopefully some may see this and just give them that reminder than do what I did on one tilted session.

Stay safe guys, this sort of gambling can be dangerously brutal to you and your family and end your life literally.

All the best Dan