Reply To: Account verified to deposit, but not able to withdraw – Ball ache!

CryptoG82 WANTED $19

Mr Slotty are a complete scam and they will never stop emailing, texting you. You can’t block them and unsubscribe doesn’t work. All you can do is send them straight to spam.

This site has Book of Dead with old books and it always teases a book on reel 5 and misses by one. Fortunately I demo played about a year ago and didn’t deposit. If you deposited with a debit/credit card you can get it back on a recharge with most UK banks. One of the biggest scam sites out there. Seen a review where a player deposited 3 times, one was taken from his bank in USD, another in Chinese Yen and another in Indian Rupees and he also got conversion charges. These companies need to be shut down.


To be safe, always check the licence. If there isn’t one at all, don’t play. If there is a symbol and it doesn’t load to the licence page then also don’t play.