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I suppose except for the experts on the thread ( and no I mean experts, because it’s flying over my head all the processes you need… so genuinely anybody using crypto, you’re Hawkins level of intellect and I tip my hat to you, I’ve been struggling for a year easily   )

but I suppose from a business point of view it works well for Steve, his business has over heads and the costs even the fees are part and parcel of play…some of the advice on here has been pretty solid and if he could use that then if he gets a “ second season “ with this casino or other he could cut quite a lot of his running costs.

for lower price players ( the £50 a week/ month slotters )  I don’t think crypto stands  up as well….I don’t know , does any body play crypto and deposit less than a £100 ? Be interested to hear if you find it works for you….

I think the experiment has been really good, the last video which had old and new styles worked really, you’ll always have the “ uhhh look he warped time and space and broke unlimited laws to get that max win” but personally I enjoyed the run of videos…

I often play with deposits of £50-£100 on 20p/50p stakes. I transfer money from my bank account to for free. I buy XRP with it and transfer that. I tend to lose around £1 for each £50 transferred. This is due to what the website values XRP at. The actual transfer fee is 0.5 XRP which is like 23p.

I really enjoy being able to sit back and use auto spins. Before this I used a program called mouseclicker.exe whilst playing on videoslots which was frustrating as when you actually hit a win it skips it if you aren’t quick enough.

When I first started using the site I was depositing more and buying bonuses as it was new to me however I found I was doing my bollocks in and could easily lose control of what I had actually planned on spending. I’ve gone full circle now and only buy bonuses if I’m having a good session or if I fancy a bash on something specific. I recently enjoyed a min stake session on dead or alive 2 and hit a wild line.

When I’m done and if I’ve won I always withdraw back to or 0.5 XRP. I then sell it back to pounds. For each £200 you tend to lose around £5 due to the spread on the exchange. I do this as I know how volatile it can be and I like to get the money out of the website. The transfer back to my bank is also free.

I find the process actually quite easy. Takes approx 5 mins for the transfer from my banking app, then a minute or so to buy the XRP and hit transfer. Only thing then is waiting anything between 2 and 15 mins for it to hit the gambling account. Id say the average is probably 5 mins.

Hey, my apologies, I did t realise you had replied to this, your way of explaining it is a lot more simple, I think I’m less worried about using crypto now than  I was and I think it’s because the advise given here tends to be, “its  ok until it’s not “ and in all fairness that’s life anyway…and quite a few people are genuinely giving a good réponse and not faking it…so I’m already set up with an account on a site ( not bandits) I think I might take the plunge