Reply To: Just filing in time until I win or die – whatever comes first!

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Dubbokid wrote:

Greetings all,

I used to run a very humble slot channel on Youtube but it got flushed after 2 years due to another account of mine being banned – my own fault really but at the time I didn’t know I’d also get the slot channel taken away as well.  I also worked for a few online casinos either as a bingo chat host, a fate worse than being locked in a room with Nigel Farage and a insurance salesman, or on their help desks so I’ve seen things pretty well from both sides of the business.  Like most I live in hope of a decent win or to at least break even, or the ever elusive wild line in Dead or Alive 1 or 2.

Well mate, that’s something we can sympathise with you on … maybe not ina personal level but in a “ the universe likes to take a dump on people” level …don’t worry I hear farage Lubs before selling cars 😂😂😂 and that wild line is deffo there ….. maybe…… hopefully