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Seyahkram1977 WANTED $697

Xbobmad wrote:

Delboylolly wrote:

Hi bandit great videos miss the bonus hunt can you do one every so often. I had a bet on golden catch 40p stake first time playing 3 spin got feature. And second to last spin I had 10 11 and 12 ship I wanted a green fish on first reel it dropped I couldn’t  believe it 4100 odd who needs big stakes .

I would love you to play all games on video slots you wanted something different a challenge.

Keep up the great videos sean

Beautiful! My luck with golden catch has always been the opposite 🤣 hope it was withdrawn… Don’t give it back to them!

I totally don’t get golden catch….The popularity I mean … I get super triggered when the boat gets caught in a traffic jam and misses a win …