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Backinamohawk wrote:

I recieved some 50 free spins the other day from a crypto casino i play on once in awhile, i had 10 different slots i could choose from so i chose Sweet Bonanza and as it loaded up the slot it flashed up an amount on the screen for like a second it was 5.65$ and after i had played the 50 free spins the total amount i got was 5.65$. I dont know if its only me but doesnt that seem kind of fishy that they already know what you gonna get from the spins? I mean the fact that they know what u gonna get in advance everytime u load up a slot. What do u guys think? This is from a good rep crypto casino

I mean it’s turd no doubt, but it’s no difference to those “ here’s  50 free spins, go nuts, you might even win the jackpot………. ( small print the max win is £5 during free spins ) yeah go mad, you’ll deffo hit that 9000x … trust us “

It’s all just a little bit shit, everything has its price even the “ free” spins …