Reply To: Crypto Casino Journey – Questions and Answers

Degensrus WANTED $1

Fwiw…here’s my experience with crypto. I am on gamstop, I regretted it after 2 weeks as I was losing money on all the crap casinos, and didn’t realise I would lose poker also (the sites I played were slower to get on board).

after doing my nut in with the crap casinos I eventually found crypto casinos (the most famous one that rhymes with drake) and I got some great wins that just weren’t possible in uk, especially as the regulations were getting even tighter in uk. After a while my bank decided enough was enough. I was buying crypto on my debit card, then selling it to my PayPal account (was less fees that way). I had started out with coinbase but moved to binance when trying to cash in on the doge craze…doge deposits were going through in a few seconds as opposed to bitcoin in a few days sometimes! My bank made a blanket ban on binance transactions so I went back to coinbase who had doge finally. All went ok for a while but one day after a bit of a losing streak I tried to make a large deposit as was about to bet hard (monopoly live was my game of choice) my purchase was declined and I started getting pop ups saying “bank card no longer valid” from all my online subscriptions (Netflix etc) so I logged into my online banking, there were no accounts. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. All the while I’m watching monopoly live as my money woukd have been through bu now and I could have been betting anything from 25 to 200 on rolls…. Of course, it landed a 2500x while I was trying to phone my bank, so they got it in the ear for half an hour. That would have been me absolutely rolling in money.

it took a few days to get my bank account bank, in the meantime they had reported me coinbase and coinbase closed my account. I then had ti provide more paperwork than the daily mail printing press to show a full audit of where all the money was coming from and going. Basically without saying it they were trying to stitch me up for money laundering. I lost my bank accounts, had to get paid by cheque at work for a while (which opened up all sorts of questions and scrutiny) and I ended up a loser after being finally being up in gambling for a while…. It’s almost as if the whole lot of them were in cahoots because I seriousl couldn’t believe the serious of coincidences.long story short, once bitten…never again….be warned….they’ll find a wait to shaft you