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Jazzee WANTED $14

NORD VPN…Following up on my thoughts on VPN issues at casinos. I can confirm the reason is that 2 people using a VPN connecting to the same server can get the same IP which WILL cause problems. So for those having issues and needing to connect to far away land then that is the reason.

Also, right now you can get NordVPN free! in fact they are paying you 20% as it is 120% cashback. Last year it was 100% which is what I got. It is a 2yr term.

If you already have nord, just use a different email address for a “New customer account” as it is for new customers only

I make nothing from this, I am just sharing what I found. It is charged in US dollars which is fine. I am in Canada and all is good so don’t be put off by the country.

Pretty sure I got an extra 10 or 15% off when signing up to topcashcack too. Which is free