Reply To: The war on crypto casinos

farahtrousers WANTED $20

Sometimes, you can just make noise and sound stupid. Anyway…

The last thing I want to do is see Bandit in trouble and according to the ASA if I want to find out specifically if someone is breaking the law, then a complaint would have to be made.  It took some wordplay but I managed to get this response without naming anyone.

me : “When you say advertising, do you mean in the gaps of tv programs ?”


me : “There are many streamers or influencers out there advertising crypto casinos indirectly. The chap I like to watch, send people to his website if they want to know more and his website gives the information and a place to discuss so that would mean he is breaking the law and I think probably doesn’t know”

I went on to thank the ASA for getting back to me and letting me know.

Bandit and anyone else promoting a crypto casino on english land, is breaking the law.