Reply To: Crypto Casino Journey – Questions and Answers

CryptoG82 WANTED $2

Be very very careful with these Crypto casinos. That’s now 3 sites in the past year that have confiscated winnings from me and closed my accounts because I won from the UK on a Finland VPN. Specifically there are terms on a lot of these sites that state the UK is a “Restricted country” with no “real money play allowed”. The biggest reason is KYC…in terms they have “it is our right to do KYC”..this is the point it all falls down. They ask for docs, you provide UK docs and they throw the “Restricted Country” terms at you and may return your deposits(or not if you open more than one account!). The three sites that have done this are Vave, Ninecasino and An absolutely shocking way to do business and there is nothing you can do about it. Not sure what the script is with Bc.Game…they have paid out the main man…but would this always be the case with non-VIP players? I’m not so sure. Not telling anyone not to sign up for some of these legitimate and licenced sites, but you need to know the risks involved.


There are also a huge number of fake sites out there which are being openly advertised by UK sites as “Non-Gamstop”. You can tell straight away….Book of Dead with the old book symbols, Hacksaw games when 2 bonus symbols drop in the third doesn’t etc. These are pirated games and these casinos would never pay you.

Be safe, do research before you sign up anywhere.