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Hi Phil, I’ve read your previous response to questions about spins being 100% random and want to follow up on this because of two experienced I’ve had which seem to disprove that..

1. Take games like Bonanza, Temple of Treasure, Buffalo rising etc..All three of these behave the same way. all need four symbols for the feature. Take Bonanza where you have to spell G.O.L.D.

You play this for a bit, and G appears, then GO, Then you’ll get a win with GO and the L will drop in. then you’ll eventually get GOL and a tease for the D. Eventually it will drop in the D . It seems all very deliberate and doesn’t fit the 100% randomness you described.

Exact same with the other two dropping 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 diamonds/temples respectively.


2) games like wild swarm or Jammin Jars 2 where you accumulate bees/coins until you max out and then wait an extortionate amount of time for the feature to trigger. How can these be entirely random?

Swarm in particular is an enigma because it allows you to accumulate at 20p but still increase stakes to get the bonus


Your view on 1 isnt really right. Bonanza can (and has) landed on the first spin. The longer you play the more patterns you see which arent there. Each spin can land GOL and miss the D. Think ive had 3 or 4 back to back which teased the “D”. ITs just random chance.

2 – Jammin jars is a great example of when this isnt the case. Jammin Jars is oddly some form of scratch card. Theres only about 20million possible results due to it being a complex game for when it came out. So youre spinning in a win or loss based on possibilities as they couldnt work the slot to be truly random on a spin. That said its still based on RTP for each win and is a fair game.

Swarm is something people misunderstand. The RTP of the slot at any level is 96% which is split between base game and landed bonus. Which is normal. Once you fill the bees the slot RTP changes. Notice the bonus lands less often? The RTP of the whole game lowers and more is added to the random bee opening part. So your balance will take a huge hit once you start increasing the stakes. Its also not that volatile a bonus. So i dont see the appeal of people even playing it personally. Avg max bee bonus win is 247x or so (If i remember right). So its not that much more than a semi decent nolimit bonus.